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The Centre for Excellence in Learning Enhancement (CELE) is a valuable resource in the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences with a broad remit to promote innovation and creativity in learning and embed technology enhanced learning. CELE is responsible for enhancing curriculum design and delivery, supporting appropriate staff development and enhancing pedagogical research, evaluation and dissemination. In addition, it engages in applied research as lead partner and in collaboration with internal and external partners. As such it raises the external profile of the Faculty and the University as a market leader in learning enhancement and innovation.


  1. Enhance Curriculum Design and Delivery
    • Promote the use of creative learning innovations, including the use of technology where appropriate, to enhance curricula
    • Work with course teams to enhance their course design and delivery, ensuring currency, efficiency and effectiveness
    • Identify, develop, evaluate and exploit technology related products and approaches to teaching and learning
    • Produce learning resources Draw together good practice and provide strategic guidance for the development and delivery of online courses to allow expansion of provision
  2. Support Staff Development
    • Increase academic staff capacity for learning innovations, including use of new technologies
  3. Secure Applied Research Funding
    • Produce learning resources for external commissions
    • Develop training courses that can be delivered remotely and on a large scale
    • Conduct evaluations of developments and interventions.
  4. Enhance Pedagogical Research & Dissemination
    • Increase staff capacity and productivity in relation to pedagogical research
    • Support a number of PhD studentships
    • Promote research informed approaches to curriculum design and assessment
    • Raise the external profile of the Faculty and the University as a market leader in learning enhancement and innovation
    • Prepare a high quality submission for the Education Unit to the Research Excellence Framework

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