#CovBlitz Rumours are circulating that a fleet of German bombers is heading for the city. More when we have it

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#CovBlitz Sources inform us The Air Raid Message Yellow has been sounded. Bombers are believed to be heading in this direction

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#CovBlitz The Air Raid Message Red is sounding. Expect bombs to fall in five to ten minutes. Take Cover

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#CovBlitz Anti-aircraft guns are being fired into the skies

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#CovBlitz Bombs are dropping on the city. The first bombs started to fall even before the warning sirens had stopped

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#CovBlitz The roof of Coventry Cathedral is on fire despite the valiant efforts of church staff and fireme

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#CovBlitz Over 250 fires have been reported according to the brave souls tackling the blazes. Every available appliance is in use

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#CovBlitz Telephone and telegraph wires are being destroyed by bombs and falling buildings. We may lose the ability to update you

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#CovBlitz The city's beloved cathedral is well alight. Fire crews are battling desperately to save the building

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#CovBlitz Items are being removed from the cathedral as attempts to extinguish the blazes at the site continue

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#CovBlitz Communications for the civil defence services are being held together by the tireless efforts of Gilbert Griffiths

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#CovBlitz Gun maintenance crews in Allesley have commandeered two double-decker buses in Fairfax Street and are evacuating civilians

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#CovBlitz Reports coming in that many of the city's factories and industrial sites are being targeted. Many houses also hit

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#CovBlitz Devastating news coming in. Water has dried up at Coventry Cathedral, the battle to save the building appears to be lost

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#CovBlitz Our worst fears are confirmed. Provost Howard and firefighters were forced to watch helplessly as the cathedral burnt down

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#CovBlitz The attack seems to be unrelenting. The skies above the city are filled with the droning of bombers, fire and smoke

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#CovBlitz The bombing has moved into its second day and there appears to be little in the way of easing off

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1am #CovBlitz Heroic medical staff are doing all they can to save lives while dealing with dangerous incendiary bombs at the city's hospital

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#CovBlitz Acts of heroism are being reported across the city despite the bombs continuing to rain down

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#CovBlitz There is no let-up in the raid. Bombs have been dropped in the area of Courtaulds factory and the gasworks in Foleshill

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#CovBlitz The Rover Motor Works is also believed to have been damaged by bombs

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#CovBlitz The bombs are still coming down almost eight hours after the first wave landed

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#CovBlitz The ground defences continue to battle valiantly, although they appear powerless to stop this assault

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#CovBlitz Land mines are being dropped on the city by parachute along with explosive and incendiary bombs

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#CovBlitz St Nicholas Church in Radford has been destroyed. As has the Co-Op in West Orchards

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#CovBlitz There will be no Midland Daily Telegraph today for the first time in the paper's 49-year history

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#CovBlitz The bombs appear to have stopped. The raid lasted 11 hours, from darkness until dawn

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#CovBlitz The all clear signal has sounded. Coventrians are emerging to assess the damage

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#CovBlitz Members of the public are being warned not to approach unusual objects after land mines were dropped on the city overnight

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#CovBlitz Reports indicate that two Nazi bombers were brought down during the raid last night ‐ near Loughborough and Withybrook

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#CovBlitz The city centre is largely destroyed. Ford's Hospital has been badly damaged by fire

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#CovBlitz Owen Owen has been hit along with much of Smithford Street and the market

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#CovBlitz The cathedral may have gone, but Holy Trinity survives

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#CovBlitz Broadgate is a fiercely burning inferno. Around 26 firefighters are believed to have died tackling blazes and 34 are seriously hurt

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#CovBlitz A gloating German communique has claimed 500 tons of bombs have been dropped on the city

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#CovBlitz At least 400 planes were involved in the blitz according to reports

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#CovBlitz First reports of casualties indicate at least 1,000 injured with 200 killed. This is expected to rise

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#CovBlitz Miraculous survival tales are coming in from people who sheltered in crypts and under tables or stairwells

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#CovBlitz Civil defence members have reported that the most damage was caused by fire from incendiary bombs

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#CovBlitz Brave anti-aircraft gunners were forced to leave their posts to help injured and tackle fires in the city centre

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#CovBlitz Home secretary, Herbert Morrison, is visiting the city as planned despite the attack

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#CovBlitz The city centre is devastated. Many streets are unrecognisable. This is horrifying.

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#CovBlitz Fires continue to burn ferociously across the city ‐ particularly in the city centre

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#CovBlitz Unsafe buildings are being pulled down by the military. The Cathedral spire may have to go

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#CovBlitz After debate, the Cathedral spire is deemed safe. Apparently it's always been slanted!

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#CovBlitz The Queen's Hotel, in Hertford Street, has been dynamited to prevent fire spreading to the Post Office

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#CovBlitz Police have arrived from surrounding areas to help control traffic. Essential traffic only allowed in the city centre

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#CovBlitz A wedding reception in Coundon was interrupted by the attack. But the couple vowed not to let it spoil their big day!

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#CovBlitz Rationing has been temporarily suspended in the city to allow for the current circumstances

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#CovBlitz We have heard that seven people were killed in Leamington Spa by rogue bombs during the raid

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#CovBlitz Over 100 factories were damaged last night. Workers will endeavour to get them operational again as soon as possible

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#CovBlitz Thousands of houses have been destroyed by the bombs leaving many homeless

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#CovBlitz The rail network surrounding the city is badly damaged. Trams lines arch into the air

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#CovBlitz Only 73 of the city's 181 buses survived the night

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#CovBlitz There are reports King George VI will visit the city tomorrow after hearing of the devastation in the city

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#CovBlitz That's the end of our coverage. May all those who lost their lives rest in peace

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