End of Life (Dennis)


This Learning Object was built as a collaboration between Coventry University and Warwick University. The aim is to provide students with the knowledge and skills to improve their practice in caring for people and their families as they approach the end of their natural lives.


It was built as a direct result from findings of a collaborative project with George Eliot Hospital (GEH) (Jackson et al 2009) which showed that over half of all patients admitted to hospital and dying within 48 hours were being transferred from nursing or residential homes. This study also showed that managers of some nursing homes reported that hospitals similarly discharged patients to nursing homes in the last few days of their life.

Dennis EOL

It is predicted that the number of older adults moving into nursing and residential homes will increase and people frequently express a preference to die in their homes and not in hospitals. Therefore professionals working within these settings will need to feel confident and able to care for people to offer choice at the end of life.

The Learning Object explores some of these challenges and aims to develop skills and confidence in practice.


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