The myShoes project combines 3D game technologies such as Blender, Unity and Oculus Rift to deliver an embodied experience of dementia to promote health care professionals’ affective empathy. Learning technologist and clinical psychologist consultation was fundamental in developing a sense of virtual presence and generation of case study based scenarios associated with dementia. As the participant becomes more immersed within the simulation the greater the potential for the user to affectively empathise with the scenario and more closely associate themselves with their virtual embodied experience and simulated environment.

The resource is non-linear and activity driven which allows emotion to be triggered by the inability to repeat simple tasks and process sensory information which is further compounded by age related visual and auditory overlay filters with misdirection, misperception and object switching.

The myShoes project is now out of the pilot phase and discussion is progressing for potential future developments within the care and service industry environment.

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