Values Based Recruitment


Health Education England has developed the Values Based Recruitment Framework (VBRF) to enable Higher Education Institutions (HEI’s) to implement a directive to not only recruit students on the basis of their aptitude and skills but also their values and behaviour ” (HEE 2014).

In 2015 quality enhancement funding supported the development of resources to support VBR in our pre-registration courses.

In collaboration with 30 patients and carers an experiential approach was used to capture patients and carers experiences of care and what values they desired in health and social care professionals. Multiple data collection methods were used, these included art, focus groups and video vox-pop. With support from CELE two e-resources were created specifically for promoting and attracting students to our health and social care courses.

We conducted a small evaluation of service users, carers and students. The feedback suggests that that these resources can be an asset to VBR. They go beyond showcasing what academic qualifications are required and reinforces the personal attributes and values that are essential to being a health and social care professional.

Values Based Recruitment

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